Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tight Curves Transformation Challenge People's Choice Award :: Vote For Me!

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I need your help! As you know, I participated in the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge, a nearly 12 week fitness challenge sponsored by Tight Curves between December 10, 2008 and February 28, 2009. I used their products for the duration of the Challenge as well as ramped up my workouts and changed my eating with the guidance of Carlene Steenekamp who is not only my friend, but a personal trainer and owner of Mommy’s Body Health and Wellness. You can see from my before and after photos that I did work really hard and I still am. Tight Curves sponsored about 20 of the participants, including me, with products for another 12 weeks so we could transform even more. How awesome is that?!

So here is how I need you help…Tight Curves has posted the winner of the Transformation Challenge and posted the finalists for a People’s Choice vote. Please vote for me (and the two other challengers you think made the greatest improvement)! Click here to get to the voting website. You will find me a little more than halfway down the page (Lisa Mueller) and then simply make your selections at the top of the page for first through third place. This was an unbelievable experience for me and I would love to win the People’s Choice! Voting ends on May 15th so don't wait, do it now! :)

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I will continue to post periodic updates, including my second “after” photos in mid-June!
Thanks for helping me out!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sugar Overload...Getting It Out of My System

Just a quick post to say that I finally gave in to my chocolate chip cookie craving over the weekend. I will be honest and say that is wasn't so much a chocolate chip cookie craving as a chocolate chip cookie dough craving. There I said it! I really wanted to make the dough from scratch but did not have many of the ingredients on hand. I think there is an unopened bag of flour in the cabinet and some crusty, old light brown sugar, but no regular sugar or any chocolate chips. So I guess I could have made a slightly sugary flour paste if I had really wanted to, but that would not have been at all the same as chocolate chip cookie dough, now would it?

So, Saturday afternoon Allan went to the store and got a package of the refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough and I made six cookies. We split them. And then I ate the dough equivalent of like six more out of the package with a spoon. Yummy! I had trouble sleeping that night and I felt kind of yucky in the morning, but do you think I learned anything from that? No!

Sunday afternoon Allan said he was going to go photograph a couple of houses for a real estate agent but he kept hanging around and wouldn't leave. I finally made him leave and then proceeded to eat, with a spoon, about half of the chocolate chip cookie dough that was left. Think I learned anything yet? No! Later that night I made the rest of the dough into cookies and ate about three more chocolate chip cookies and some more dough. Now, I finally learned my lesson!

I have never felt so crappy after eating something (except when I had food poisoning) in my whole life. I felt yucky all through the night and couldn't wait for morning to come so I could go back to eating correctly. I was so overloaded on sugar it was crazy. The craving has been satisfied and I don't know when I will want to eat chocolate chip cookie dough again, if ever. Well, let's be realistic here, I know I will eat chocolate chip cookie dough again, but it will be a long, long time.

This is why people cannot be on a "program" and eat a certain way consistently and go off of it and expect their body to react favorably. My body was mad at me...I think it still is. But I have apologized to it and I think I am making some progress mending our relationship.

So long, sugar!