Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Tight Curves Protein Powder and Fat Burner Capsules Have Arrived

I am so excited to have received my 6 lb. jug of Tight Curves Vanilla Bean Protein Powder along with two bags of Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules. If you have not tried any of the Tight Curves products yet, do it now! This is very delicious protein powder and it tastes great in plain old water, but is an absolute treat when enjoyed in skim milk. It's almost like a shake!

I swear the Fat Burner (in addition to an hour of hard cardio almost each day) is what helped me reduce my fat percentage so greatly in the first three months. I am still working out hard and have been pushing myself more with my weight training. I have GOT to build up my legs and butt. Unfortunately, I was born with chicken legs (as Allan affectionately refers to them) and a long, flat butt (thanks Mom!) so I have to work harder on these areas than some people, like J-Lo for instance, do.

I will have Allan do some photographs of my 4 month progress by the end of the month for those of you following my progress. Remember, I need your comments and critiques! I am waiting to find out who has been chosen as the Tight Curves "People's Choice" finalists for the on-line voting as well as seeing the Challenge winner's photos. I need some inspiration!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

And the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge Winner Is...

...not me, but don't think that this will keep me down, dampen my spirits or cause me to give up on my physical transformation. Ummm, hell no! It's actually going to make me work harder so that I will have a stronger and more solid physique at the end of the extended Transformation Challenge some time in June. Not only was I sponsored for another 12 weeks, but I also receive a $100 credit for Tight Curves products. Yay, now I can try the Chocolate Protein! Carlene says it is yummy!! I will keep everyone posted on the next phase of judging the "People's Choice" which will be the top 20 Challenge finishers who will be posted on the Tight Curves website and the public will vote on their favorite. You can guarantee if I am one of those lucky women you will be asked (required!) to vote for me. So, even though I wasn't the BIG winner for the Challenge I have made such great improvements that I really feel like a winner (and a little bit like a dork for making such a big deal about this whole deal)!

...and the winner is...
Congratulations to Christine Woods Team Tight Curves Member Winner and Angel Miller Transformation Challenge Winner. (Angel's photos will be posted on the Tight Curves website soon and I can't wait to see what I was up against...)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Goods News :: But Still No News on the Challenge Winner...

Today's good news is that I was one of 20 Tight Curves Transformation Challenge contestants to be chosen to be sponsored with Tight Curves product for another 12 weeks. Tom asked anyone who was interested to send an e-mail with their measurable goal(s) and a commitment to complete the next 12 weeks. I was on that offer in a second! I don't necessarily need any assistance with keeping motivated but the added bonus of being able to incorporate the Tight Curves products into my fitness plan is a definite added bonus.

I am sticking to my nutrition program that I have been on for the past three months and have upped my cardio to include actual running and pushed up my level of simulated running of the elliptical. My knee has been hassling me some but I think it is getting stronger and will eventually be less painful.

Well, I am still waiting for the winner of the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge to be announced...I didn't realize how much this competition meant to me...I just want to see who won so I can see how much harder I should have pushed myself (I have been trying not to think that I didn't win, but I kind of figure since I was given the option of continuing the Challenge that I wasn't, unless that is just a tactic by them not to give the winner away...)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Update :: Sticking With It

Just in case anyone thought that once the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge was over I would quit the cardio, walk away from the weights or ditch the'd be wrong. I have stuck with my fitness and nutritional program and continued to work toward the fittest me ever! Yes, I did go off the wagon a bit this week when we were out of town for some photography seminars and I shared some cheesecake with Allan, but i am right back on that wagon now.

The Tight Curves Transformation Challenge winner should be announced this week. Over 100 women finished the Challenge so there were a lot of "before" and "after" photos to review before the final winner could be chosen. There is the possibility that the top 10 finalists (after the winner) could be posted on-line for a People's Choice Award which would be determined by votes from the public. I would love to end up a finalist! Plus Tight Curves is offering 20 participants the opportunity to be sponsored to continue the Challenge for another 12 weeks, so I was sure to reply to Tom with my two measurable goals.

I will be posting to this blog more frequently if I am given the opportunity to continue the Challenge because it really helped keep me accountable as far as what I was eating and how much cardio and weight training I was completing.

Wish me luck!