Monday, May 4, 2009

Still Transforming and Working My Butt Off!

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I am still transforming and working my butt off! Carlene stopped by today with the Magic Scale and I am so thrilled to see that my body fat percentage is down. I lost some inches overall but it was all BF and only a teensy bit of lean muscle which is fantastic. Carlene will be putting together a new workout to focus on my lower body- legs and glutes need so much more work than anything else at this point. She's also going to address my nutrition plan which has been rather lame lately. I eat, but don't stick to what I should and sometimes don't eat enough. Lastly, I am going to ease back on my cardio since it is pretty much overkill at this point. One 30-45 minute session in the morning is fine for now and I figure on non-weight training days I can also go for a run in the afternoon if the mood strikes me. I have been walking with my niece, Kristin, and we split pushing her kids in a stroller on a five mile walk up and down hills a couple of days a week which is some really awesome exercise. We're thinking about renting the kids and stroller out to help people get in shape!

Well...progress is being made and I look forward to the day when I am training for a competition. Yes, I said it. It makes me really nervous to think about it but it would be really awesome to have a goal to work toward of that magnitude.

Until next time...keep your chin up and keep your eyes focused on your goals and you will succeed!

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