Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hubs Joins Me on the Dark Side :: P90X

My husband, Allan, is finally working out with me, but only because it was 'his' idea. Friends of ours decided to do the P90X workout DVD series and Allan thought this sounded like great fun, after all, if Doug and Alicia could do it, he could too.  Allan was amazed at how much work the first few days of the P90X program have been, but if he sticks with it for the first 14 days he will be hooked. I am looking forward to spending even more quality time with Allan, as if working together wasn't enough! The best part of this being his idea is that I have a legitimate reason to nag.

Photo :: Lisa Mueller | ALM Photo

I will be following the P90X workout for the next 90 days as well as continuing with my daily cardio.  So excited to be trying something different especially something that most people can do in their home with little or no investment in equipment. I will be posting updates as well as some 'new' before photos for the this new phase of training.

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