Friday, March 13, 2009

Update :: Sticking With It

Just in case anyone thought that once the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge was over I would quit the cardio, walk away from the weights or ditch the'd be wrong. I have stuck with my fitness and nutritional program and continued to work toward the fittest me ever! Yes, I did go off the wagon a bit this week when we were out of town for some photography seminars and I shared some cheesecake with Allan, but i am right back on that wagon now.

The Tight Curves Transformation Challenge winner should be announced this week. Over 100 women finished the Challenge so there were a lot of "before" and "after" photos to review before the final winner could be chosen. There is the possibility that the top 10 finalists (after the winner) could be posted on-line for a People's Choice Award which would be determined by votes from the public. I would love to end up a finalist! Plus Tight Curves is offering 20 participants the opportunity to be sponsored to continue the Challenge for another 12 weeks, so I was sure to reply to Tom with my two measurable goals.

I will be posting to this blog more frequently if I am given the opportunity to continue the Challenge because it really helped keep me accountable as far as what I was eating and how much cardio and weight training I was completing.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! If you are a finalist I will vote for you!!!