Sunday, March 22, 2009

And the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge Winner Is...

...not me, but don't think that this will keep me down, dampen my spirits or cause me to give up on my physical transformation. Ummm, hell no! It's actually going to make me work harder so that I will have a stronger and more solid physique at the end of the extended Transformation Challenge some time in June. Not only was I sponsored for another 12 weeks, but I also receive a $100 credit for Tight Curves products. Yay, now I can try the Chocolate Protein! Carlene says it is yummy!! I will keep everyone posted on the next phase of judging the "People's Choice" which will be the top 20 Challenge finishers who will be posted on the Tight Curves website and the public will vote on their favorite. You can guarantee if I am one of those lucky women you will be asked (required!) to vote for me. So, even though I wasn't the BIG winner for the Challenge I have made such great improvements that I really feel like a winner (and a little bit like a dork for making such a big deal about this whole deal)!

...and the winner is...
Congratulations to Christine Woods Team Tight Curves Member Winner and Angel Miller Transformation Challenge Winner. (Angel's photos will be posted on the Tight Curves website soon and I can't wait to see what I was up against...)

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