Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Days Four and Five :: Updates

I received my diet plan and shopping list from Carlene yesterday along with four workout plans that I will do once a week on four different days. I also have to do 30 minutes of cardio each morning when I get moving and then make sure I eat my breakfast and the rest of my 4-5 meals each day. I have been disciplined with my diet and exercise before so this won't be too difficult, however; I do have to make sure that Allan gets enough to eat... He is very support of me in everything I do so I should be fine for the duration of the Transformation Challenge (and beyond). The protein supplement and fat burner have not arrived so Carlene substituted another protein source for my diet, but the Tight Curves products should arrive this week. Each program that Carlene designs for Mommy's Body is specifically tailored to the individual based on the information she obtains from a series of questions, tests and feedback during the consultation. Although Carlene and I have known each other for quite some time she has followed her usual procedures to ensure she doesn't overlook anything in my analysis.

I have to keep a diet journal of everything I eat. This, I know, will be the most surprising part of the next 11 weeks. I honestly don't eat as well as I used to and I will have to work hard to prepare the nutritious meals that Carlene has on my program. The meals themselves are not difficult it will be me making the time to shop and then prepare each day. Just a little re-prioritizing of my time and energy is all. I have gotten so used to working from home that I often overwork and lose focus on me and what is important to my health and well-being.

Just to keep me on track...30 minutes of cardio and the shoulders/abs workout yesterday and 30 minutes of cardio already this morning (per the program!). Thought for the day: Focus!

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  1. Good for you! These challenges are best when they lead to a complete lifestyle overhaul. I wish you much success-I'll be following and cheering you on!