Monday, February 9, 2009

Training and Food Journal: Monday, February 9

Still in Florida and trying to get back on track with my nutrition and training...eating better and went for a walk/run this AM. Loved it even though I will be sore tomorrow and my knee will be swollen. I drive all day tomorrow but then I will be getting back to my regular schedule. I only have 18 days left for the Transformation Challenge so I better work really hard.

AM: 40 minutes walk/run (more running than walking)
PM: 40 minute walk on beach with bare feet
Weight training: N/A

Pre-cardio: N/A
Breakfast: 1/2 cup cottage cheese and 1/4 apple
Snack: N/A
Pre-lunch: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules
Lunch: White Chicken Chili and one-half turkey sandwich on marbled rye (no condiments) with lettuce and tomato
Afternoon snack: N/A
Pre-dinner: N/A
Dinner: Salmon, kidney beans and mixed veggies
Dessert: N/A
Lots of water

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