Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Training and Food Journal: Wednesday, February 18

I think that the only challenging for me right now about the Tight Curves Transformation Challenge is keeping up with this blog...I was doing really well when I was boycotting the messy office and working in the living room because my laptop was right there out in the open. Now that the swirling vortex Allan and I refer to as our office has been reorganized and is fit to co-work in again, I have a tendency to overlook the laptop and neglect my posting to this particular blog. No problems keeping up with our ALM Photo blog or my Sassy Glass Studio blog, but for some reason I have been neglecting myself in the way of my personal blog!

Well, now that I have that rant out of the way...on with the real reason I have this blog :: MY PROGRESS!

I am really excited about the end of the Challenge. Not because it will be over, but because I want to find out if I am the big winner. I have really amde some big (for me) visual changes :: little to no back fat, absolutely no muffin top, my size 6 pants (with and without stretch) are too big, I have an ass-load of energy, I feel stronger, I feel sexier and I feel like I am going to take advantage of BodyWell's offer of getting another 12 weeks of supplements.

AM: 30 minutes elliptical
PM: 20 minutes elliptical
Weight training: Workout #1/Upper Body

Pre-cardio: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules
Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal with cinnamon and Splenda
Snack: N/A
Pre-lunch: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules
Lunch: GridIron Burger Personal Fowl salad with blue cheese dressing Afternoon snack: N/A
Pre-dinner: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules
Dinner: Rice, diced tomatoes, chicken Dessert: N/A
Lots of water

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