Thursday, January 8, 2009

Training and Food Journal: Thursday, January 8

I can't wait for Carlene from Mommy's Body to come by tomorrow to see how I am transforming and do some re-measurements and give me some new nutritional menus. I can definitely tell a difference in my appearance and I hope she will notice too. One problem I have with myself being on this program is I don't think I am eating enough. I am starting to feel a little run down and I need to ask Carlene if this is normal or if I need to eat more. I forget to eat my little snack meals...

AM: 30 minutes treadmill
PM: 30 minutes elliptical
Weight training: Chest and triceps

Pre-cardio: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules and 1/3 apple
Post-cardio: Tight Curves protein and one cup skim milk
Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal with cinnamon, ginger and Splenda
Morning snack: 1 oz. mozzarella cheese
Lunch: Two slices Pepperidge Farm Thin Slice Bread- Wheat and 5 slices of turkey
Afternoon snack: Tablespoon of peanut butter on wasa bread
Dinner: Lettuce, can of tuna, hard-boiled egg, 1/3 cup cottage cheese with balsamic vinegar and a small serving of baked beans (about 1/4 cup) (My mom makes these great Boston Baked Beans and I have to eat them or her feelings will get hurt. I would rather do extra cardio and weight training than make her sad!)
After dinner snack: Allan shared 1/6th of his regular size Snickers bar with me. Not on the plan, but won't even think about a Snickers for another six weeks...
Lots of water!!!!

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