Saturday, January 31, 2009

Training and Food Journal: Saturday, January 31

Busy day! We've been working on organizing the office and we finally got it done and then I had to pull some photographs for our new website and next thing I knew it was after 7pm, so that meant I missed out on my evening cardio and weight training. It's all good though!!!

AM: 30 minutes elliptical
Weight training: N/A

Pre-cardio: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules
Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal with cinnamon, 1/4 apple and Splenda
Snack: One tablespoon of peanut butter
Pre-lunch: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules
Lunch: One slice bread (80 cals), 6 slices of turkey (70 cals) and Healthy Choice Soup (110 cals)Afternoon snack: 1/3 cup non-fat cottage cheese with Splenda
Pre-dinner: Two Tight Curves Fat Burner capsules
Dinner: Chicken, lettuce, baby carrots, 1 oz. mozzarella cheese and vinaigrette dressing in a salad Dessert: Two brewskis (220 cals), small amount of popcorn (no toppings)
Lots of water

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